Fortune favours the brave brand owner.

Most marketeers would agree that daring and distinctive creative work builds brands, and provides a healthier return on investment than less arresting executions would.
The ‘Advertising Works’ series of publications, produced annually by the IPA, contains winning case studies from the prestigious IPA Effectiveness Awards which demonstrate how well planned and executed brand communication campaigns can make a hard financial contribution to a company’s fortunes. And it’s no coincidence that much of the creative work featured in these case studies also goes on to win advertising industry creative awards in its own right, being judged by the author’s peers upon the work’s originality, distinctiveness and memorability. The latest Advertising Works 23 features 2016 gold-award winners which include John Lewis, Guinness, The Economist and Save the Children – proof, if proof were needed, that insightful planning and an inspired creative idea can set a brand apart from its competitors, can drive sales and deliver profits, as well as motivate a client company’s own staff and suppliers to improve their own performance.

To differentiate is to be distinctive, to stand out from the crowd. ‘When the world zigs, zag.’ as a famous John Hegarty ad for Levi’s once suggested. In other words, to step outside the norm, to break the rules and amuse, intrigue or shock its audience in a way which is still relevant and ‘on brand’ of course.


Brave, brand-owner marketer clients also have a very important part to play in the process. By recognising the potential of unshackled creativity to make an impact they can encourage their brand comms partners to deliver the unexpected. They can kickstart the creative process by writing a great brief. They can be prepared to make bold decisions and to take a risk on no more than a hunch. And they can defend great work internally, as not everyone will instinctively share their appreciation of the true worth of brand-driven, creative communications.

Working together to produce distinctive and memorable creative advertising, marketers and their creative partners are likely to be rewarded by seeing their brand achieve great things in the marketplace, providing substantial financial return on advertising investment.

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