Do you know where your brand is taking your business?

All too often businesses spend their hard-earned cash on brand advertising and promotion without giving sufficient thought to the setting of clear objectives and considered planning of activities to ensure optimum return on investment.

Here’s a few tips to best practice brand planning …

LOOK BEYOND paid-for advertising, and consider your brand communications holistically.

INVEST TIME in establishing realistic objectives and ensuring all parties involved do understand them.

SET A BUDGET which matches your ambitions, or set your ambitions according to your available budget.

ENSURE that your broad comms strategy has a marketing-focused idea at its heart – not just a creative advertising platform.

BE AWARE of the rapidly changing media landscape and the new opportunities it affords.

ESTABLISH the role each media channel is to play and ensure that the activities of all channels are fully integrated.

ENGAGE a creative partner to offer objective strategic input and deliver creative communication solutions.

ENCOURAGE your creative partner to boldly go where others haven’t.

TEST & TRACK campaign effectiveness to ensure optimum accountability.

REVIEW and revise where necessary – a brand comms strategy is continuously evolving.

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